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Learn Teochew with Ah Boon

Welcome to Learn Teochew with Ah Boon! I’m Ah Boon 阿文, and this is an online study guide to the Teochew (潮州, Teo-Swa, Chaozhou, Chiuchow) language.

👉 This guide is for heritage speakers – people like me, who have learned some of the language from their family but who have never studied it formally, and who want to improve their understanding of the language.

👉 If you have no prior knowledge of Teochew, one of the resources listed in the Preface may be more helpful.

👉 First review the page on Pronunciation to learn the phonetic spelling used on this website.

👉 Check out the latest News and updates on our blog.


Preface - Why learn Teochew?

Introduction - Teochew language and history

Language Guide

Readings in Teochew

Wiktionary Teochew index



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Learn Teochew is a passion project of mine, and will always be free to read online. These pages will continue to be expanded and updated, so do check back often!

Technical note

This website makes use of extended CJK characters and other special characters that may not be supported by the default fonts on many computers. Unsupported characters should appear as a question mark � or empty boxes on most systems.

If you cannot see the following Chinese characters –

𠁞 𫢗

then you should download a font that supports extended CJK characters, such as Babelstone Han (follow the installation instructions for your operating system).

These rare characters are only used in a few places in this guide, and the Chinese characters in this guide are only a supplement to the phonetic spelling, so you will still be able to see most of the content on the site without installing additional CJK fonts.

If you cannot see the following IPA and accented characters –

əɯʰ˧˥˦ŋ āáǎàâ

then you should download a font that supports IPA characters, such as the Noto family fonts or SIL Doulos.

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