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Learning Teochew can be difficult because it is mostly a spoken language, and there are few printed texts in the language.

Here is a selection of texts from different times and places, either from published sources or transcribed from videos or audio recordings, to show Teochew in use, beyond the short example sentences in the study guide.1

Each text is transcribed with Guangdong Peng’im (see Pronunciation and Orthography) as well as Chinese characters and a rough English translation.

If you would like to contribute interesting texts or transcriptions, please get in touch!

Bible excerpts:


Conversations, speeches:

Rhymes, folksongs:



Other Teochew readings online

The Hong Kong Teochew Culture Association has a great website (in Chinese) with Teochew readings (in characters, some with Pêng’im and sound recordings):

Tung Tong-ho 董同龢 (1959) 「四個閩南方言」 Four Southern Min dialects: contains transcriptions of stories and folk songs from four different Southern Min varieties, including the Gêg’ion dialect of Teochew. These are transcribed with the International Phonetic Alphabet and include a vocabulary list.

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